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Cloos Life Guide: 4 Niche Sports To Try Out This Summer

Summer months provide the best conditions to go outside, enjoy some fresh air and get heart healthy. And with some time off, now is the time to try a new sport! Right here, we give you 4 unconventional, yet incredibly fun sports you should know about… and maybe even try for yourself. And the best of it all – these sports can be performed wearing your pair of Cloos sunglasses!

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IG Live Shopping with Martin Hansson & Philip Condradsson

Thank you for tuning in on Instagram Live Shopping Event with Martin Hansson & Philip Conradsson x Christopher Cloos. 

Below you can find the selection of Christopher Cloos frames handpicked by Martin and Philip for the summer of 2020. 

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Cloos Life Guide: The Greatest Male Style Icons Of All Time

While womenswear trends differ most seasons, men’s trends have always managed to go back to the idea of classic menswear. Throughout the years, there have been always been them who have perfected timeless style like no others. Whether it be their impeccable tailoring, their choice of accessories, or the attitude with which they wore them, some men have just stood out. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Summer 2020 wardrobe, you have come to the right place – enjoy our top pick greatest male style icons of all time.

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Cloos Life: The Places We're Dreaming Of Traveling To At The Moment

We may not be able to travel at the moment but nothing is stopping us from dreaming about the incredible places around the world we long to visit. In this journal we reveal the top destinations we're dreaming of escaping to after the restrictions are lifted. And what better way to dream away to these places, than by wearing your pair of Cloos sunglasses?

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Cloos Life: The Story Behind The Christopher Cloos Collection

The brand was born when the two founders became acquainted with an intriguing man from Monaco, Christopher Cloos, who had an extraordinary taste for living life. He was always to be found with a pair of classic and timeless retro sunglasses and a happy smile on his face living by the motto 'Bon vivant'. Inspired by the style of Christopher Cloos, our collection is the embodiment of the lifestyle we aspire to. Each model is named after the most exquisite beaches in either The South of France or St. Barths and reflects the luxury and extravagance of these areas. 

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