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Fri fragt & returnering | Glædelig jul

Seen With Cloos: Mark Falgren - 'Lovestick'

Seen With Cloos: Mark Falgren - 'Lovestick'

In this month's Seen With Cloos, we are excited to feature Danish drummer Mark Falgren, also known as 'Lovestick'. Since 2011, Mark has been a part of the Danish pop trio Lukas Graham, famous for major hits like “7 Years” and “Love Someone”. Get to know Mark, who also has been a loyal Cloos'er since 2017, in this exclusive Seen With Cloos interview. 

How and when did your passion for drumming begin?

Ever since I was a small child, I have enjoyed drumming on things. I think it is like a basic instinct for me – you beat the drums and then you get a sound. I am fascinated by how a set of drums is so simple yet so powerful.

My professional career as a drummer began when I started at the Danish Music Conservatory at the age of 20. Here, I was hired to play the drums for real artists and got the chance of playing with big Danish names like Nabiha and Aura.

Name the three things, that have been most definite in your journey to where you are today?

The first one would definitely be that I at the age of 19 signed up for a competition, Imagensa festival, together with a band. We ended up in the finale, and I won the award for best drummer in the world. This made me believe even more in myself, and that actually had a talent that was worth pursuing.

Secondly, I believe that having the right mindset from the beginning has enabled be to be where I am today. I have always strived to be in constant improvement, never settling for anything less than I knew I was capable of. In the beginning, this involved comparing myself a lot to my competitors, to make sure that I would always be better than them.

Finally, I have always pursued being in music environments. For example, at the Music Conservatory, I was able to be around musical people and indulging myself in music every day. This for sure has helped reach my ambition of working with music professionally.

Mark together with partners, vocalist Lukas Forchhammer and bassist Magnus Larsson. 


Have there been any downsides of being a part of Lukas Graham?

From my perspective, it is both a good and bad thing that the band is called Lukas Graham. People will naturally associate the name with one person only, which in the beginning when we started to feel the success could be a bit annoying. However, in the later years this proved to have some benefits as well, and for me it is more important to be recognized musically among industry professionals than as a face everyone knows.

What were your expectations when starting Lukas Graham?

In the very beginning, when we had just decided that we would start the band, we were watching a movie called ‘The Secret’, which is about following your dreams. This made us talk about our expectations, what we thought would happen in the future. We made a deal that one day we would be at the Grammys, sitting next to Max Martin. Then, not many years later in 2017, we were nominated at the Grammys. I think that this illustrates that you should always believe in yourself and set the ambitions high – then you will succeed.


What advice would you give to young, hopeful persons who dream about playing music professionally?

First of all – practice. A lot. You must know what you are doing, so that if you finally get the chance to show your worth, people do not doubt your skills.

Secondly, you must believe in yourself. If you master your instrument, then you have built up the musicality you need.  

Finally, when you have reached a certain level, you must also trust your own choices. You are your own worst critic, especially when music is your passion. Identify what is unique about you, and integrate that in your music.

Mark wears our St. Barths - Espresso


How has Covid-19 affected your and the rest of Lukas Graham’s daily life?

Obviously, we’ve had to cancel a lot of concerts. This has affected us a lot in that we have been used to travelling all around the world on a regular basis.

On a more positive note, for the first time since 2021 when we had our breakthrough, there has been time to concentrate on other things. For example, I have started producing something on my own rather than the three of us together.


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