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Seen With Cloos: Anders Hofman – Project Iceman

Seen With Cloos: Anders Hofman – Project Iceman

In February 2020, Anders Hofman completed the first-ever, long distance triathlon in Antarctica, the Iceman, to show that limitations are perceptions of what we can achieve. The purpose was to inspire others to dare pursue their “impossible” dreams. In this month's Seen With Cloos, we are featuring an exclusive interview with the Danish sportsman to discover his story.


You previously worked as a management consultant – what made you change course and begin precasting extreme sport on a professional level?

My main ambition had always been to start my own business, so after finishing my Master’s Degree, I quit my safe job as a Management Consultant to finally do that. That eventually became Project Iceman. My plan wasn’t to do extreme sport, but after getting the idea of doing an ironman distance triathlon in Antarctica and people telling me that it would be impossible, the purpose was born. To show that limitations are perceptions of what we can achieve, and that an ordinary person can achieve the extraordinary.


When and how did you first get the idea to Project Iceman? 

I got the idea in the fall of 2017. The idea was to do something that had never been done before within the sport of triathlon. The first idea that came to mind was to do an Ironman distance triathlon as the first person on a new continent. However, I was a bit late to the trend and the more human continents that I’d had in mind. Antarctica was the only one remaining, and so the idea of the Iceman was born.

Anders wears our Paloma - On The Rocks sunglasses.


What were the main challenges and health-associated risks with Project Iceman?

There were countless challenges. Besides those of the project itself and making the Iceman attempt possible, in terms of the physical aspects, for the swim it was hypothermia and encountering leopard seals, the #1 predator in Antarctica. For the bike and run, the harsh glacial conditions, especially making it nearly impossible to ride the bike, avoiding crevasses, and a hurricane blizzard, that we eventually found ourselves in, staying isolated for 27 hours on the glacier with winds up to 150 km/h. There were definitely moments, where the wrong decisions would be a matter of life or death.


Why are you appealed by extreme sports – where do you find your motivation? 

What I like about extreme sport is the mental aspect of it. Such endurance feats definitely require hours and hours of training, but in the end, you body will eventually break down and you have to break through that mental barrier and keep going, when your mind is telling you to stop. It’s a way to push your boundaries and limits that you bring with you to other aspects and challenges in your life. The motivation was to show the message behind. There’s no way I would have made it through without the purpose behind it, which is why that is so crucial. Because during extreme sport there will be many moments, where you mind will ask yourself “why the hell are you doing this?”. If you don’t have the answer to that, it will be much more difficult to keep pushing on.


Do you see a connection between dedicating oneself 100% to something in sports and other aspects of life – for example in relation to a job or running a business?

Your body won’t go, where your mind won’t push it. From the outset of this project, I told myself that it was not a matter of whether the Iceman was possible or not, only how I made it possible. That principle can be transferred to any other aspects of life, whether it’s working a demanding full time job, or starting your own business. We will always face unforeseen challenges, but with a 100% commitment and the right mindset, you can overcome any challenge.


Anders wears our Paloma - On The Rocks sunglasses.


What is your next project/target? 

Right now we are working on the Iceman docuseries that will be out in 2021, I’ve started writing a book about the entire journey, and then there will be a Project 2.0 that I hopefully can reveal in the near future. It won’t be less ambitious or challenging, I can promise that.


How has Covid-19 affected your everyday life as a sportsman?

I’ve been affected in the sense that the public swimming pools and gyms are closed. But luckily I can still run and bike outside, and I’ve managed to put together a small home gym, so luckily I haven’t been affected too much.

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