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Seen With Cloos: Alexander Wisler

Seen With Cloos: Alexander Wisler

In this month's Seen With Cloos, we are excited to feature Alexander Wisler, Head of Brand Management & Relations in Danish luxury car retailer MY GARAGE. In this interview, get behind the scenes in the life of the car enthusiast – and learn why a car is much more than a matter of transportation.

First of all, for the readers who are not familiar with MY GARAGE - what kind of company is it, and what is its mission?

MY GARAGE was established in 2015 by our Founder & Owner Anders Kirk Johansen, who wished to create a rallying point for his like-minded motorconnaisseurs. Here you will find all the best partners within SALES, SERVICE, STORAGE, and SOCIAL. In addition, MY GARAGE gives you easy access to world-class professionals who help unleash all aspects and ambitions for you. In other words, our main business is to develop and rent out our 20.000 square meters to the best partners and brands. We represent brands such as Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati. 


Tell us about your role in Brand Management & Relations. What does a normal day at work look like for you?

Working with Brand Management & Relations, my workdays are never alike. I feel a strong passion for building and nurturing relationships with internal stakeholders, customers, and strategic partners. My workday, therefore, centers around the motorconnaisseurs who relates to MY GARAGE. Furthermore, I create and attend events both nationally and globally with our key partners and customers. Combing the right partners and customer from different industries and segments, has always been a interest of mine, and MY GARAGE creates the perfect platform to do so.

Alexander wears Passable - Champagne Blue Light


You represent some of the world's most famous luxury car brands. Has it been difficult to introduce the concept to the relatively narrow Danish market?

The market for luxury cars in Denmark is, of course relatively narrow. However, the MY GARAGE concept has proven to be a visionary and genuinely missing concept in the market. I believe that we have created a concept, that we can develop to other countries and markets. But for now, our focus remains on Denmark, where we still have a lot unexploited potential and therefore, I am convinced of our raison d’être.


According to you, what is it that makes a car more than just a means of transportation?

Certain cars cannot be classified as mere transportation – it is an extension of my lifestyle. Like the glasses I wear, I am very self-confident about my look and find great pleasure in adapting it to my personality and lifestyle. The same goes for choosing the cars I drive.


If you had to choose one car to drive for the rest of your life - which one would it be?

Choosing only one car for the rest of my life is simply not possible. Because as mentioned above, a car to me is much more than a matter of transportation: The car I drive is an extension of my personality, my lifestyle, and my ambitions. At the moment, I spend several hours on the highway between Aarhus and North of Copenhagen, which calls for great comfort in my car. However, in the summer I normally change to a convertible – Cruising with the top down, gives me a special feeling.  

I do, however, wish to one day own a Rolls-Royce, which to me is the flagship of all luxury cars. But even then, I would never drive it as my only car for the rest of my life. 


Alexander wears Passable - Champagne.

Christopher Cloos and MY GARAGE have in common that luxury, class and timelessness are core values. Do you see a connection between the uncompromising approach to what you wear and the car you drive?

I do indeed, yes. As stated before, I find a solid relationship between the car I choose to drive, how I dress, and what I wear. Our core values are what match our clients and customers in all aspects. As a result, luxury can never be a stand-alone product. Luxury is a feeling which penetrates our lives from the home we live to the trips we take - the glasses we wear and the car we drive. 

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