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Guide: The hinges of eyewear

Guide: The hinges of eyewear

It can be a bit of a jungle to navigate through the specific terminology of eyewear. However, the hinges are among the most important parts of eyeglasses since they keep the joints together. That is also why this article will focus on hinges. It is significant that the hinges are durable and therefore you should also take the hinges into consideration before investing in your next piece of eyeglasses.

Different types of hinges

To begin with, it might be useful to clarify the well-known hinges that you are able to find in eyewear.

  • Standard hinges: The most common type of hinges and the most traditional solution when choosing eyewear. It is the oldest types of hinges and they are very simple and easy to repair and maintain.
  • Spring hinges: More innovative type of hinges that offer flexibility and a greater range of movement.
  • ‘Hingeless frames’: The most recent addition to hinges and they are very minimalistic. Here, there are no hinges and they are tailored to the individual face and head. The hingeless frames offer you the choice to decide what suits yourself. However, this also contributes to the fact that they are extremely difficult to fix in terms of potential faults or misalignments. 

The hinges of Christopher Cloos

At Christopher Cloos, we carry about our customers and their comfort when wearing glasses. Therefore, we have chosen to use spring hinges in our eyewear

Spring hinges are flexible and the big technical difference from standard hinges is that the spring hinge affords the arms a greater range of movement. Thereby, the frames aren’t limited to the conventional 90-degree angle. 


The advantages of spring hinges

There are many benefits of using spring hinges which is why we have chosen to use them in our frames. They are comfortable and secure flexibility and durability. They require no adjustments and they are ready to wear as you receive them. Other types of hinges require immediate service as you receive them because otherwise they perhaps won’t fit your face. This is one of the clear benefits of using spring hinges.

Furthermore, you can easily put your sunglasses in your hair without worrying about potential misalignments. They can resist the most why they are also perfect for physical activity (besides the everyday use). They are more likely to stay on your face while running, jogging, cycling or even swimming. Also, athletes with ball can benefit from using frames with spring hinges.

The benefits are many but most importantly it is useful to be aware of aforementioned so that you are able to choose the eyewear that fits your needs as an individual. 

Have a look at our collection and imagine flexibility and durability while wearing them!

We are more than happy to help out if you have further questions about hinges or other technical parts of the frames – or any general questions. Feel free to reach out!

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