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Cloos x Elsa – The Collaborative Design Process

Cloos x Elsa – The Collaborative Design Process

After more than a year of preparation, we are proud to present our first global female partnership together with the Swedish world-renowned super model Elsa Hosk. With Scandinavian roots and a daily life in California, it was an instant match given our own journey from Scandinavia across the Atlantic. In this journal, get an exclusive peek into the process of designing the Cloos x Elsa Collection!


The Inspiration

Elsa Hosk's passion for eyewear provided an opportunity for a collaborative design process, working closely with the Christopher Cloos team to bring you a stylish product with the added purpose of sustainability. 

The Cloos x Elsa collection, featuring sunglasses and blue light glasses, draws from the 1960’s and 70’s Old Hollywood Era and is inspired by the Swedish model’s passion and fondness for eyewear. 

“I have always loved the 1960s and 1970s California vibe, the vintage 1950s Hollywood, 1960s music scene and the 1970s surf culture,” Hosk explains. “I have collected eyewear since I was 14, so I drew inspiration from my own vintage archive when designing the four styles for Christopher Cloos.”


The Result

Our design team worked hard with Elsa to create an eyewear collection that is timeless, elegant and aligns with the classic style and sensibilities of the fashion icon. The result is a stylish and iconic, yet bold and distinct frame – quite a masterpiece in our opinion.

“Christopher Cloos was the perfect partner for me because I admire the quality and style of their frames, and they gave me the creative freedom to really make this my own. A great pair of glasses gives me confidence and makes a statement, and I hope everyone who wears these feels the same way!”   

The Cloos x Elsa Collection comes in an all new, exclusive packaging featuring a dark-brown leather case. In addition, the inside of each case features Elsa’s signature, “Christopher Cloos” and “Elsa Hosk” are emblazoned on the inside of each frame, and the cleaning cloth includes a special quote from Elsa to consumers.


The Purpose Behind

Like the rest of the Cloos Collection, each frame in the line is made from biodegradable material, making them environmentally friendly. 

The introduction of eco-friendly materials presents our efforts towards a more responsible future by focusing on the use of premium sustainable materials, without sacrificing the flair for design, aesthetics and craftsmanship that always have been our core characteristics. 

Learn more about our pledge to sustainability here

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