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Cloos x Brady: The Collaborative Design Process

Cloos x Brady: The Collaborative Design Process

Tom Brady’s passion for craftsmanship provided an opportunity for a collaborative design process, working closely with the Christopher Cloos team to bring you a stylish product with added purpose.  

“It’s so interesting to me to watch design continue to evolve, in everything from architecture to fashion. That’s why being part of the design process with Christopher Cloos was really special for me. When we first started discussing what my line could potentially be, the team had a designer in the room who brought my vision to life on paper. It was a crazy experience. In that moment he sketched out the frames that you see today. Seeing the line develop over the last six months has been amazing.” - Tom Brady

Our design team, accompanied by architect Marius Tromholt, worked hard with Tom to create an eyewear collection that is timeless, elegant and aligns with the classic style and sensibilities of the championship quarterback. The result is a stylish and iconic, yet bold and distinct frame – quite a masterpiece in our opinion.

During the collaborative design process, Tom expressed his desire to create a line that had added health, wellness and sustainability benefits. We were able to bring his vision to life with frames made from biodegradable material and blue light glasses that protects vision and sleep.

“Christopher Cloos’ commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability – without sacrificing style – really resonated with me. I wanted a timeless, minimalist, elegant design...something that 20 years from now people would still think are cool, even as design continues to evolve. I think we nailed it.” - Tom Brady

Discover the full Cloos x Brady collection here.

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