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Cloos Life Guide - Your Guide to Copenhagen Hotels

Cloos Life Guide - Your Guide to Copenhagen Hotels

Are you visiting Copenhagen this summer but in doubt about where to stay? No matter whether you will be looking for an inspiring and playful ambience, victorian elegance and luxury, or something casual and homey, you will fall for one of these 5 stunning Copenhagen Hotels.

One thing that Copenhagen is not missing is luxury hotels spectacular in their own right with exquisite designs. To name a few worth noticing, we have pointed out five unique Copenhagen hotels to consider when visiting the beautiful capital of Denmark.


1. 25hours Hotel

Are you in for a colorful retreat? In the heart of the Scandinavian metropolis, the 25hours Hotel Indre By has found its home. 25hours Hotel is the artistic little brother challenging the family status quo. Art and knowledge have become exciting new bedfellows in the hotel they now call home. 

25hours hotel  



Find 25hours hotel at: 

Pilestræde 65, 
1112 København


2. Villa Copenhagen

Villa is something for everyone: The tourist coming to explore Copenhagen, the business man or woman who looks for total comfort after a long day, or the Copenhagener, pulling the plug in relaxing, conscious and luxurious settings. Villa Copenhagen is a new social scene in Copenhagen, allowing the past, present and future to come together in an inspiring and playful ambience.




Find Villa Copenhagen at:

Tietgensgade 35-39, 
1704 København



3. Hotel Sanders 

One of our favorite home‑away‑from‑home locations in the city of Copenhagen. Behind the old stage of the Royal Danish Theatre, on a quiet cobblestoned street lies the cosy and luxurious but casual Hotel Sanders. Sanders is all about simple elegance. A culture of art, design and creativity headline the smart, bespoke interiors of this cool residence, an iconic architectural restoration in a neighbourhood of heritage.




Find Hotel Sanders at:

Tordenskjoldsgade 15,
1055 København


4. Hotel d'Angleterre

Established in 1755, the 5 star hotel d’Angleterre is an icon and a historic landmark in Copenhagen and Denmark and it is rated as one of the best hotels in Copenhagen and indeed Northern Europe. Celebrated for its elegance, luxury and style, hotel d’Angleterre embodies the perfect balance between the stately Victorian architecture of the historic building and the graceful simplicity of contemporary Nordic design.





Find Hotel D'Angleterre at:

Kongens Nytorv 34, 
1050 København


5. Manon Les Suite

Right behind the lakes, Manon Les Suites lies nestled amongst several main attractions right on pulsating HC Andersens Boulevard, you will find a slice of Bali in the center of Copenhagen. That is what you get at Manon Les Suite! Manon Les Suites oozes luxurious boheme and besides the stunning pool area, the organic restaurant and bar with adjacent rooftop terrace is a big draw.



@magrifas, @pgpinggu


Find Manon Les Suite at: 

Gyldenløvesgade 19,
1600 København V


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