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Cloos Life Guide - Copenhagen Restaurants

Cloos Life Guide - Copenhagen Restaurants

Are you visiting Copenhagen this fall and need inspiration to navigate the city’s culinary scene? This small capital has made its mark on the world map for its exceptional selection of restaurants in all price brackets - from exquisite three Michelin-starred restaurants to spots focused on casual feel yet gourmet quality. The Cloos life guide will take you through the top spots to visit - if you are lucky enough to get a table!

Perhaps the current most noteworthy restaurant that should be on all foodie's bucket list, is Geranium. The restaurant was awarded the world's number one in 2022 by ‘’theworlds50best.com’’. In addition, Geranium also received three Michelin stars in the same year, making it the absolute leader of Copenhagen's fine dining sphere. Head chef, Rasmus Kofoed, had years back switched to a seafood and plant-based menu only, contributing to the unique experience. Furthermore, with a panoramic view, you will dine in beautiful settings on the 8th floor of Denmark's national stadium. 


If you are interested in trying an otherworldly dining experience, Copenhagen has just that as well. Alchemist was founded in 2015 by head chef Rasmus Munk and has since moved into impressive surroundings at Reffen Copenhagen. Most recognisable for its jaw-dropping main dining room dome design, with the roof, lit into natural environments setting the scene for an incredible experience. Munk and his team are known for an experimental cuisine that incorporates elements of science into the courses. The tasting course consists of 50 impressions, which will surely leave you empty for words.


A great alternative to Copenhagen's fine dining is the casual spot of Restaurant Barr. The restaurant is located at the former location of Noma - The legendary restaurant named the world’s best multiple times over. It’s nestled in a tranquil spot by the Copenhagen waterfront and offers both indoor and outdoor dining. Barr offers both A la Carte and a tasting menu - The cuisine is nordic-inspired and according to Barr it embodies the Spirit of Northern Sea cuisine. Barr will surely not leave you disappointed nor break the bank. A definite top spot to visit when in Copenhagen.

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