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Cloos Life Guide: 4 Essential Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office

Cloos Life Guide: 4 Essential Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office

Working from home might seem like a dream to most at first, but it comes with its own challenges. Mentally leaving “home mode” and entering “work mode” can be difficult if you never physically leave your house and your bed is only steps away. Therefore, curating the space you work from is essential to your productivity and state of mind. To help you become inspired to get work done in cozy conditions, we’ve put together a list of essential upgrades for you home office situation.

1. Acquire yourself a pair of blue light glasses

Working from home means a lot of hours spent in front of a computer. Even though you might not feel that your increasing use of digital screens hurt your vision and health it can actually cause severe damage (learn more here). Blue light protection glasses can immensely help you reduce exposure of the blue light waves that causes headaches, insomnia and more. You can use the blue light protection glasses during both day and night and they are recommendable in relation to restore a good sleep cycle. Discover the Christopher Cloos blue light collection – click here.

2. Select and invest in a comfortable chair

You’re slumped over at your desk, neck craned over, and an annoying ache in your lower backs becoming worse and worse. Sounds familiar? Take time to select and invest in a comfortable chair; it is one of the most important parts of an efficient home office. A comfortable ergonomic chair, designed for maximum lumbar support, will help minimize back pain and let you focus. Science backs it up — a 2003 study found that employees who were given an ergonomic chair had a total increase in productivity of 17.7%. Additionally, don't forget to take you time to walk around and stretch to provide a temporary relief. 

3. A desk you love


Because you’re going to spend a lot of time with it. Even though you might not have anticipated visual surroundings to be important, factors like comfort and coziness in your working space have proven to be highly influential on productivity. Think about what objects inspire you and place them on or around your desk – whether that's family pictures, high school football trophies, or a special piece of art.

4. Invest in latest tech essentials


If you are having a hard time concentrating from working at home, you might want to consider investing in tech gear that boost your efficiency. For example, wireless noise-canceling headphones can be excellent as a means of helping keep you on-pace — with the help of your favorite tunes — or to drown out the ambient sounds of the world around you. Other opportunities include investing in an ergonomic keyboard, a big external monitor, a faster wireless router, or maybe even a digital "smart assistent" to remind you of your daily tasks and meetings.

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