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Cloos Life: Best wine tasting experiences in France

Cloos Life: Best wine tasting experiences in France
A visit to France wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the country’s most celebrated export – wine. Whether your preference is red, white or sparkling, there’s an almost limitless number of opportunities in France to improve your knowledge, explore some vineyards and taste some truly classic vintages at festivals, chateaux and tasting events Since the inspiration for the Cloos Collection is mainly from France, what better way to explore the French wineries than by wearing your Paloma or Passable shades?
Chateau Les Carrasses, Quarante
Château Les Carrasses was built in 1886 and produced wine continuously until 1988, when the vineyards were sold off. In 2011, following the sale and renovation, the estate was reunited with its original vines. Today, Chateau Les Carrasses is restored as a luxury self-catering estate, comprising a unique collection of luxurious self-catering residences, on site restaurant, winery and first class hotel facilities.
The Chateau offers a great range of wine experiences, from the best wines to pair with food to historical journeys into the winemaking past of the region. Better yet, they offer half day and full day experiences, so you can book something to fit your schedule.
Additionally, Château Les Carrasses is a perfect base to discover the diversity, experimentation and sheer verve of the famous wine region of Languedoc - there are hundreds of wineries within a short drive.
5 Senses Tour at Château Pape Clement, Bordeaux
The radiant neo-gothic Château Pape Clement built in the 13th century is surrounded by 60 hectares of vines, and features verdant gardens planted with thousand-year-old olive trees. The 5 Senses tour at the Château engages all the senses, with tastings taking place all throughout the tour, and not just in the end.
The blind tasting in one of the rooms of the château tests your palette, where even the biggest wine enthusiast might be surprised at just how difficult it can be to distinguish a white wine from a red when the color of the wine is masked.
After the Chateau Pape Clement 5 Senses tour, you’ll definitely believe that recent study by neuroscientists in which they say that wine tasting engages your brain more than math and this tour is far more fun than any math class, which is why we recommend Château Pape Clement as one of the best wineries to visit in Bordeaux.
All photos: https://www.bordeaux-tourism.co.uk/offre/fiche/chateau-pape-clement/DEGAQU033FS000OP
Domaine de Fontenille, Provence
Located in the heart of Provence, The Domaine de Fontenille enjoys exceptional terroir. The vines draw their strength from the clay, limestone and stony soil and the slightly steep slopes provide perfect sunshine and better water drainage. The Provence Mistral naturally cleans the grape. The vine is tended so as to minimize treatments and ensure that the grapes obtain the best possible maturity while respecting natural cycles.
Wine lovers can enjoy wine tastings in the newly restored wine cellar with traditional architecture, private dinners, and participate in wine courses and conferences about contemporary art exhibitions, terroir and truffle discovery.
Domaine de Fontenille also offers luxury accommodation for visiting guests, in each of the 17 unique, refined and discreet rooms and suites. Furthermore, the Domaine offers two gourmet restaurants, Le Champs des Lunes and La Cuisine d'Amélie, led by a Michelin-starred chef.
 All photos: https://www.domainedefontenille.com/en

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