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Cloos Life: Best Formula 1 races worth travelling to!

Cloos Life: Best Formula 1 races worth travelling to!

As we sit and watch summer drift away, we can’t help but think of the best ways to spend our days. One thing comes to mind, Formula 1. The speed, action & luxury associated with the sport is something we at Team Cloos thoroughly enjoy. Whether it's on a big screen or when we’re sitting in the Paddock Club sipping on vintage Dom Perginon, we love putting on our Cloos shades or blue lights and joining in the fanfare!

Here’s our list of the best Formula 1 races on the calendar that you must visit and learn what all the fuss is about:


Grand Prix de Monte Carlo | Monaco Grand Prix


Well, it’s a no brainer. The dawn of summer. The Mediterranean coast. The exclusive parties. The “edge of your seats” racing. We could go on but we’d rather you see it in person!




One of the oldest tracks in Formula 1 history, the race winds through the narrow streets of Monaco amidst exceptional fanfare. Every fan wants to be there, every driver wants to win it. The spoils of victory? A dinner with the Prince of Monaco and getting your name in an exclusive list of the greatest drivers ever to win in Monaco. 




Cloos Recommends: The best way to enjoy this race is on a boat parked by the harbour, plan it early and enjoy the weekend of a lifetime!


Gran Premio D’Italia | Italian Grand Prix


Ferrari is the oldest team in Formula 1, carrying the distinct honour of participating in every single F1 race ever held. There’s a reason why Ferrari is considered the premier racing brand all around the world. There’s a saying in F1 - “Even if you hate Ferrari, you want them to win”.




That is the kind of respect the Italian manufacturer commands. We agree that every fan must witness a race with passionate Italian fans, also known as the “Tifosi”. The track is also the fastest with legendary straights and chicanes that make every race thrilling.




Cloos Recommends: Make sure to get a seat at the Grand Stand and witness the post race revelries in all their glory!


The British Grand Prix at Silverstone


One of the most historic race tracks in the world, this track was a World War 2 airfield which was later converted into a racing circuit. Britain truly is the home of motorsport, every year, over 130,000 fans descend into this sleepy town and make it the most exciting place to be in around the country. 




Almost all teams in Formula 1 have factories in England which makes this a home grand prix for almost every supporter. 




Cloos Recommends: The best corners in F1 are known as the Chapel complex with high speed turns that test the full might of these modern cars, make sure you have this area in sight while getting your tickets!


The United States Grand Prix at Austin, TX


Only a few years old, this race has become one of the most exciting races that fans wait for all year. Inspired by various challenging sections from historic race tracks, this track promises action that is hard to miss. 




Everything in Texas is bigger, this track is no exception, the track features the biggest elevation changes on track, incredible food off the track and an enormous observation tower that offers panoramic views of the entire race track.




Cloos Recommends: Tickets that offer access to the observation deck are worth every penny!


The Singapore Grand Prix


Singapore is a great city, with towering skyscrapers, larger than life art installations and streets that are absolutely perfect for a street race. The cars zip through iconic backgrounds with some incredibly long straights and heavy braking points that converge on tight turns, the smallest of mistakes can lead to dangerous incidents.

To add to this mix, the race is held at night under lights which illuminate the city and creates a celebratory atmosphere all over the city. 




Cloos Recommends: The Paddock Club is the most exclusive place to be during the weekend with celebrities, F1 personnel, sumptuous food and drinks!


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