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Cloos Life Guide: Top 5 Beach Clubs on The Côte d'Azur

Cloos Life Guide: Top 5 Beach Clubs on The Côte d'Azur

Looking for golden sands, cool cocktails, elegant sun-beds  and plenty of glamour while relaxing by the sea and enjoying your Rosé? There is no better place for beach clubs than the South of France - glamorous, elegant and full of luxury. If you're in the mood for the best beach clubs in the south of France, you're in luck: our guide presents five of the most beautiful places to enjoy your rosé wine and make unforgettable memories – of course while wearing your pair of Cloos sunglasses.


1. Club 55, St. Tropez

Simply an institution Pampelonne Beach offers one of the largest beach clubs in the world, with Club 55 being the most famous of them all. It was used in a scene in the famous Bridgette Bardot movie "And Then God Created Woman" and has been extremely popular with the jet set ever since. Begin your Mediterranean fractional ownership adventure in St. Tropez, where Club 55 stands in a secluded spot on the Plage de Pampelonne. Little has changed since the founders hosted the stars and crew of Bardot's legendary film "And God Created Woman" from the fishing lodge. The rich and famous still seek shelter here from the busy areas of St. Tropez. With its own beach bazaar and its undeniably chic but unassuming brand of hospitality, Club 55 is beach club royalty and not to be missed.


2. Bâoli Beach Club, Cannes

The Bâoli Beach Club is located in the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel, right on the famous Croissette in Cannes. In the heart of port canto, overlooking the bay of Cannes, the Bâoli is an emblematic place of the french riviera. The Bâoli Cannes is a unique and inescapable experience that will immerse you in a green and exclusive landscape where a pleasant and festive atmosphere prevails.
A restaurant awarded Maitre Restaurateur, combining Mediterranean and Asian flavors under the talented direction of Chef Christophe Gervais. A tropical-style rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of Cannes Bay. A club known on the international scene as the hotspot of the wild night on the French Riviera.


3. Plage Keller, Cap d'Antibes

It's been said that the French Riviera began in Antibes. The once quaint fishing village certainly didn't escape the Belle Époque and transformed into a luxurious retreat run by American celebrities Gerald and Sara Murphy. Arriving on the terrace of the Plage Keller, you will experience a spectacular view of the sea. The beach is sheltered from the wind and offers views of the Alps across the bay - a perfect destination for your yacht party, including breathtaking views of Cap d'Antibes. This is how Picasso, Hemingway and Fitzgerald did it before.


4. La Guertite, Ile Sainte Marguerite

Located on the small island of Ile Sainte Marguerite off the coast of Cannes, La Guerite houses an exclusive restaurant and an elegant beach club accessible only by sea. With its world-class setting, world-class restaurant and vibrant energy, La Guerite is where the French Riviera's elite come for a guaranteed good time. An excellent dinner at the restaurant is followed by a boisterous party atmosphere enlivened by DJ sets and champagne bottles with sparklers. Since its founding in 1935, Le Guerite has become a staple of any yacht charter in the south of France.


5. Bagatelle, St. Tropez

Top class French beach club with refined Mediterranean cuisine. After their success in the United States, Brazil and St. Barth, the owners of Le Bagatelle transferred the concept to the famous Pampelonne beach. Entirely French in atmosphere and cuisine, Bistrot Bagatelle offers classic Mediterranean food, chic decor and lively music, and is a destination for tourists, locals and foodies alike. Fun Facts...This wonderful beach club burned down in April 2016, but has been revived bigger and better than ever, reopening in June 2016.The restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean food daily in a stunning beachfront setting with a festive atmosphere.

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