Christopher Cloos x Copenhagen Polo Club

Christopher Cloos x Copenhagen Polo Club

We are proud to have teamed up with local Danish club, Copenhagen Polo Club for a a co-branded campaign, featuring the classic polo sportswear styled with the timeless Christopher Cloos glasses. Discover a preview below.

Click here to discover the Christopher Cloos x Cph Polo Club video-campaign "The Look"

Polo - 'The Gentleman's sport

Known as 'The Gentleman's sport, polo is a game for technicians, tacticians, and spirited fighters. The appeal of polo is a fascinating mix of technique, speed, and teamwork. Two teams can play with four members each, which can be a mix of male and female. The main objective of the game is to score goals against the opposing team. Using a mallet, the players can score a goal by driving a small wooden ball into the opponent’s goal. 

Want to learn more about Polo?

The appeal of polo is a fascinating mix of technique, speed, and teamwork. Discover Copenhagen Polo Club's website for additional information on the sport.

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