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Breakfast With Cloos - Alexander Wisler

Breakfast With Cloos - Alexander Wisler

Alexander Wisler head of brand management at the Danish luxury car retailer My Garage. Alexander visited Christopher Cloos in our flagship store in Copenhagen to talk about how it is working with luxury cars every day and his life in general. This journal dives into some of the questions he was asked in Breakfast With Cloos. Enjoy!


What kind of company is My Garage?

“My Garage is firstly a company filled with passion. That's always how i like to start describing the house of My Garage. It's a house full of passion for mostly cars, that's both classic cars, luxury cars, sport cars and everything within the automotive industry."

What is a normal day for you?

“A normal day for me, isn't a normal day. It's never the same and has never been for the last six or seven years. With My Garage there is this dynamic company and with so many events both in Denmark and abroad, I really never have to days that looks the same." 

Tell us about your role in Brand Management & Relations.

“My main focus is definitely our marketing and our business strategy and developing our brand. And that's been one of my main tasks since day one. We also do a lot of these factory tours, meaning that all the these car brands that we're working with, like Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Lotus we use these factories to show the customers what kind of brand they're actually buying into. 


You represent some of the world’s most famous luxury car brands. How has the journey been from when you started to now?

"Representing some of the most famous and luxurious car brands in the world, of course comes with a responsibility and back when we were a new player, that was definitely a task to convince some of these brands that we were the one to represent them in Denmark or even in Scandinavia."


What's been My Garage biggest challenge? 

“One of our biggest challenges has been that our concept included different competitors under one roof. So a lot of people were like they didn't actually think that it was healthy for the business, but we were like, it's actually healthy for your business to get some competition, even though it's under the same roof. And now six or seven years after, a lot of these companies and competitors have actually found out that they are working very fine together and even enjoy each other's competition.”

Let’s talk about luxury, what does luxury mean to you?

Luxury for me is not only fancy cars, old wines and traveling, it's also being able to do what you're actually like and love and doing it with people that inspire you."

What about your personal style?

“My personal style is more or less an extension of my lifestyle. Meaning that i always dress for the occasion. I'm very self-confident in what i wear. And as an add on for my personal style, I really like wearing different accessories, my watch and my bracelet but definitely also my frames. I've always been a fan of colored lenses.” 

What are you most excited about these days?

“That would be life in general because my life is super spontaneous, I don’t even know where I am next week, and that just makes me super excited, that I really don’t know where I’m at or where I’m going.

When picking your next car what are you looking for? 

“When picking my new car, i always have the season in mind. Meaning that I always enjoy a sporty or convertible car in the summertime. But then I love switching back to a SUV for the wintertime.”

How did the collaboration between Cloos and My Garage get established?

“It was established because we share a lot of common interests and a lot of the same core values. Both brand are companies being with this new specter and both companies. And also both companies are disrupting the market that they are in.”

What is your personal goals for the future? 

"That is definitely to keep developing myself and keep on doing what I love and surround myself with inspiring people. 


If you should give an advice for someone who is super interested in entering a work like yours, what would it be?

"My best advice would to always stay humble, because in a luxurious world it's just easy to get carried away." 


Head over to our youtube channel and watch the full Breakfast With Cloos featuring Alexander Wisler here!

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