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2022 New Year's Resolutions For The Modern Gentleman

2022 New Year's Resolutions For The Modern Gentleman

The whole “New year, new me” concept is something we keep hearing all over during January. But let’s be honest – most of us only sticks to it for two weeks and slowly slips into our old habits. 

So, why not come up with a resolution that you actually want to stick to? One such as, for example, upgrading your gentleman style game. Being a gentleman includes comprehending there is a constant and continuous possibility for improvement in the way you carry and present yourself.  Here are a few pointers to start you off on the right foot.


1. Acquire yourself a pair of high quality sunglasses 

The accessory you definitely can't leave off your gentleman style checklist are sunglasses. For both style and health, a pair of timeless and iconic sunglasses should always be on your face when spending time in the sun. Furthermore, sunglasses are an excellent way to add personal style to your outfit. And whether you opt for a singular, signature pair of glasses, or like to diversify and mix up styles depending on the occasion or outfit, we assure you that The Cloos Collection has something to offer. Take a look at the collection right here.


2. Invest in tailoring

The best way to up your style game is to make sure that everything you wear actually fits you. Badly fitting clothes might be one of the biggest faux pas that we see in men’s fashion. It’s not hard: for the basics, like shirts and trousers, just make sure that you know your actual size and that your sticking to it. For investment pieces like a suit or an overcoat, we’d always suggest that you visit a tailor. 

fitting for a bespoke mens suit

bespoke mens suit fitting

3. Up your accessory game

For the modern gentleman, filling up your accessories drawer may be as essential as investing in tailoring. Because a pair of nice shoes, a classy watch or a silk pocket square can upgrade the way you present yourself almost immediately. Start small, with elegant cufflinks and work your way up to bigger items like your briefcase or your weekend bag. Whatever you do, keep that collection growing, it will make your daily dress a lot better.

man in tweed jacket accented by pocket square

mens brown leather dress shoes

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