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Here's what US sports media had to say about the Cloos x Brady partnership

Since the launch of the Cloos x Brady partnership, the collection has been featured in several of the largest US sports medias. In this journal, we highlight the articles by Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports that we are mentioned in – check it out below.

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Tom Brady interviewed about the Cloos x Brady Collection in Maxim Magazine

As a part of the launch of the Cloos x Brady Collection last week, Tom Brady has given an exclusive interview to Maxim Magazine, talking about his favorite shades, his undying love for "Architectural Digest," and playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Check it out here.

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Tom Brady's epic entrance wearing the Cloos x Brady sunglasses at yesterday's NFL game

Yesterday, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked off the 2020 season with an intense matchup against the New Orleans Saints, down in New Orleans at the iconic Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Although the game unfortunately did not end as we had hoped, we were proud to watch our favorite quarterback back on the field again. 

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The Cloos x Brady Collection featured in this week's Robb Recommends by Robb Report!

We are honored to be the headline of this week's Robb Recommends, a regular series in which the media suggest something its editors think might just change your life for the better. And this week, nothing less than the Cloos x Brady Eyewear Collection is featured as the product that will do just that! 

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Cloos x Brady: The Collaborative Design Process

Tom Brady’s passion for craftsmanship provided an opportunity for a collaborative design process, working closely with the Christopher Cloos team to create a stylish product with added purpose.  

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