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Glasses' Sustainability: Donating Old Frames and More Eco-Friendly Tips

At Christopher Cloos, we’re committed to minimizing the negative impact on the environment. In this journal, we guide you through how you as a customer can support our initiatives towards making a difference. 

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Set igennem Cloos: Jonas Wind

Velkommen til Set igennem Cloos – en nyt månedligt koncept i vores journal, hvor vi interviewer spændende og fremtrædende karakterer. I denne første udgave kan du møde 21-årige Jonas Wind, professionel fodboldspiller i F. C. København. Udover at være én en af Danmarks nye unge fodboldhåb, er Jonas en loyal Cloos'er.

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How To Buy at Christopher Cloos – Tips & Tricks for Shopping Glasses Online

Shopping glasses online is becoming increasingly popular, but it presents a giant leap from the traditional way with trying on glasses in a store. Discover the essential things to consider when ordering a pair of Christopher Cloos frames. 

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Cloos Guide: How To Fix Bent Glasses Easily At Home

Bent glasses can be unbent. It may take some time and patience, but we like to see glasses as an investment, and it is definitely worth spending a little effort to try and save them. Here, we give you our top tips on how to straighten and fix bent glasses.

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Christopher Cloos x Copenhagen Polo Club

We are proud to have teamed up with local Danish club, Copenhagen Polo Club for a a co-branded campaign, featuring the classic polo sportswear styled with the timeless Christopher Cloos glasses. Discover a preview below.

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